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2016  “Burundi: Security and Governance in the Great Lakes Region” War and Peace in the Great Lakes Region, Center for Conflict Resolution, Cape Town, March

2016   “Security Challenges in Burundi” Contemporary Security Challenges Seminar, Combined Joint Task-Force – Horn of Africa, Camp Lemonnier – Djibouti, March

2016  “Security Challenges in Kenya” Contemporary Security Challenges Seminar, Combined Joint Task-Force – Horn of Africa, Camp Lemonnier – Djibouti, March

2015  “Regional Dynamics of the Burundi Crisis,” Contemporary Burundian Studies Symposium, Ghent University, Ghent, October

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2015   “Domestic and Regional Context of the Burundi Crisis” #Burundi 2015: The Crisis is Now, British East Africa Institute and Kwani?, Nairobi, August

2015  “Understanding Gender Dimension of Radicalization: An African Perspective” UNDP – Regional Expert Consultation on Framing The Development Solutions to Radicalization in Africa, Nairobi, July.

2015  “Burundi’s Electoral Crisis” ISS Seminar – Conflict Hotpots and the AU Agenda, Johannesburg, June

2015  “Women’s Opportunities and Challenges in the Kenya Defense Forces” ISS Seminar, Women and Security Johannesburg, June

2015  “Gender Mainstreaming in the Kenya Defense Forces,” International Conference on Gender and the Security Sector in Africa, Pretoria, South Africa, June.

2015  “The Regional Dynamics of Burundi’s Electoral Crisis” ISS Seminar – What to do about the Burundi Crisis, Nairobi, March

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2014  “Rwanda under the RPF: Assessing Twenty Years of Post-Conflict Governance” Launch of Journal of East African Studies Special Issue, British Institute in East Africa, Nairobi, May.

2014   “Conflict Trends in Africa” Panel Discussion, Crisis Action – Nairobi, March.

2011   “They Too Have Killed Our Own: Justice and Politics of Victimhood in Post-Genocide Rwanda.” Great Lakes Policy Forum – Search for Common Ground, Washington, D.C., November.

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2008   “All of Us in Rwanda: Transitional Justice and the Difficulties in Exposing Vantage Points” International Research Conference on the Tutsi Genocide and Reconstruction of Knowledge, Kigali, Rwanda, July.



2014   “Approaching Perpetrators: Ethnographic Insights on Ethics, Methods and Theory.” Liu Institute for Global Issues, May 14-16. [Invited Expert]

Panel Organized

2016  Organizing Committee – Feminist Security Studies Panels, International Studies Association.

2014  “Rwanda and Burundi at the Crossroads: Prospects and Liabilities” African Studies Association, November 20-23.

Papers Presented

2015  “Negotiating “The Enemy” in Post-Genocide Rwanda: Dilemmas in Research Among Génocidaires, Political Opponents, and Other Undesirables” European Conference on African Studies, Paris, France, July.

2015  “Between a Gun and a Baby: Female Freedom Fighters in Namibia’s Liberation” International Studies Association, New Orleans, LA, February.

2014  “Post- Conflict Reconstruction in Rwanda and Burundi: Varieties of Authoritarian Control” African Studies Association, Indianapolis, IN, November.

2011  “They Too Have Killed Our Own: Justice and Politics of Victimhood in Post-Genocide Rwanda.” African Studies Association Washington, D.C., November.

2011  Global Norms and International Law, Domestic Power and Oppression: The Case of Power Relations in Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Rwanda. International Studies Association. Montréal, Quebec, March.

2009  “The Forgotten Ones: Transitional Justice and Power Relations in Rwanda” Annual Conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control, Preston, England, August.

2009  Identities Imposed, Identities Denied: Who is the Ex-Prisoner of the Rwandan Genocide. Presented at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, November.

2008  Is Social Capital the Key to Peacebuidling? Paper presented at the annual meeting of the ISA’s 49th Annual Convention, Bridging Multiple Divides, Hilton San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, March.

2006  The African Standby Force: Obstacles to its Establishment and Efficiency – A Study of HIV/AIDS Impacts, presented at ISA Northeast, Boston, MA, November.

2005  Montreal Nationalism: A Default Multidimensional Identity, presented at the British Society for Population Studies, Canadian Ethnic Studies Association Annual Conference, Ottawa, Ontario, October.