Selected Media Appearances


“Kenyan Women Just Fought One of the Most Violent Political Campaign in History” (with Mary Berry and Marilyn Muthoni Kamuru). Foreign Policy, August 2017.

“Ending the Crisis in Burundi: What to Remember and Keep in Mind” Heinrich Böll Foundation, March 2016
The True Price of Nkurunziza’s Third Term” ISS Today, August 2015

Burundi, Free and Fair Elections?” Wilson Center Africa Up Close, June 5, 2015

How to Bring Burundi Back from the Brink of Violence” CNN International, May 15 2015

Burundi Goes from Peacebuilding Success to Growing Mess ” Africa is a Country, May 5, 2015

Don’t Turn Your Back on Peace, Burundi ” ISS Today, April 2015

A House Divided in Burundi: Rifts at the Heart of the Ruling Party” ISS Today, April 2015

Burundi: Ringing in the New Year amid Gunfire and Intrigue” ISS Today, January 2015

Rwanda: Twenty Years Later” ISS Today, April 9, 2014


 Inside Story, Al Jazeera, Qatar (30 April 2015)

Inside Story, Al Jazeera, Qatar (22 May, 2015)

 TVC News
TVC News, TVC News, Nigeria (May 1, 2015)

TVC News, TVC News, Nigeria (November 17 2015)

TRT World
TRT World, TRT World, (December 14, 2015)

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The Heat, Washington DC, (May 20, 2015)

CCTV Africa
Talk Africa, Nairobi (April 30 2015)

CCTV Africa
Talk Africa, Nairobi (April 30 2015)


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Le Monde
Présidentielle au Kenya: Ce soir je dors avec ma machette (October 2018)De l’enfer d’être une femme en politique au Kenya  (July 2017)Los Angeles Time
Burundi coup bid could plunge nation into another civil war (May 2015) 

Foreign Policy
Kenya Is Barreling Toward an ‘Illegal’ Election (October 2017) (December 2015)

Financial Times
General claims overthrow of Burundi leader (May 2015)

International Criminal Court drops charges against Kenya’s Rut (April 2016)

Burundi Chaos Shows Anger Against Long-Time Africa Rulers(May 2015)

A Corpse Signals More Burundi Violence as President Sworn In (August 2015)

Africa’s Big Men Are Reverting to Type (February 2016)

Protests Threatening African Leaders Fueled by Economic Woes (May 2015)

Wall Street Journal
Rwanda: Rwanda Joins African Trend in Term-Limits Referendum(December 2015)

Burundi Standoff Threatens Central African Stability (May 2015)

Disputed Burundi Election Goes Ahead, Despite Violence (July 2015)

Christian Science Monitor
Burundi unrest deepens as rebel groups multiply and coup trial begins (December 2015)

Burundi: Could the discovery of mass graves spur the world to intervene? (January 2016)

Mail & Guardian:
Zuma’s silence on Africa draws ire (January 2016)

The Guardian
 Burundi gunmen attack military sites as violence intensifies (December 2015)

Why the crisis in Burundi is tying the African Union in knots(August 2015)

Rwanda genocide: International Criminal Tribunal closes (December 2015)

Analysis: Burundi protests – the opposition, security forces and regional implications (April 2015)

Daily Maverick
Burundi: Is Burundi really on brink of a bloodbath? (August 2015)

Burundi: Despite their criticism, did the international community enable Nkurunziza’s third term bid? (June 2015)

The East African
US now urges UN to attack FDLR rebels (January 2015)

DR Congo President Kabila accused of delaying tactics (July 2015)

EAC, AU in dilemma over Bujumbura coup bid(May 2016)

Mediation in the spotlight as Burundi peace talks fail to take off in Tanzania (January 2016)

Daily Nation
Experts criticise Rwanda genocide tribunal (January 2016)

Deutsche Welle
Burundi’s parliamentary poll kicks off on a slow note(June 2015)

Burundi escalates rhetoric against Rwanda’s ‘meddling’ (March 2016)

Mediator Museveni leaves Burundi as crisis-hit poll looms (July 2015)

UN police force proposed for Burundi (April 2016)